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Top 7 Affordable Wedding Ring Sets

Top 7 Affordable Wedding Ring Sets

Top 7 Affordable Wedding Ring Sets

Wedding ring sets come in a variety of styles - from vintage inspired designs to classic solitaire sets and let’s not forget, they also come in every price point imaginable. While we have all seen the ridiculously expensive wedding sets most celebrities are showing off, reality is most of us have goals which require planning for these purchases. Fortunately, you don't have to sacrifice beauty or quality to get an affordable wedding ring set.




One of the most affordable wedding ring sets, this classic style solitaire wedding set is also one of the most customizable. Solitaire designs allow for a wide variety of stone shapes and sizes. Choose from a lab grown diamond, created gemstone or diamond hybrid simulant for an absolutely beautiful look while staying within budget.


Blonde Solitaire Wedding Ring Set



This modern style two tone wedding ring set is perfect for those looking for a unique looking bezel engagement ring with a matching band while staying on budget. The engagement ring design gives the illusion of a tension set stone and can be customized in many ways, including building it with stunning two tone gold.


Hoyt Two Tone Wedding Ring Set



The Burnside Engagement Ring features a unique braided rope design on the inner and outer edges of the band. The mathcing band compliments it perfectly and both can be built in two tone gold, really making them stand out. Keep it traditional with a diamond or choose a beatful gemstone such as champagne pink sapphire (pictured here).


Burnside Two Tone Wedding Ring Set



This unique wedding ring set is sure to catch some attention. The Lilac Engagement Ring features a petite design with a thin bezel halo surrounding your choice of center stone. The paired band is an elegant design with 0.21ctw of accenting diamonds.


Lilac Stackable Wedding Ring Set




If you love nature inspired designs, the Eden Wedding Ring Set might be the one for you. The details on each band resemble branches and leaves. Each have beautiful accenting diamonds. The band is designed to sit flush with its matching engagement ring.


Eden Wedding Ring Set




The Idyllic is an ideal choice for those that love the sparkle of diamond accented rings and don't want to sacrifice beauty or quality while keeping their set affordable. Build the engagement ring with a variety of center stone options and get it made in white, yellow, rose gold or platinum.


Idyllic Wedding Ring Set



The Amore is a beautiful and delicate Vintage Wedding Ring Set. Both the engagement ring and wedding band come accented with earth-mined recycled round cut diamonds in a delicate milgrain multi-shape band.


Amore Wedding Ring Set





These top wedding ring sets represent a variety of styles. Each can be built and customized in a variety of ways to create a truly one of a king set that you'll love. Choosing from lab grown diamonds, lab grown gemstones or diamond hybrid simulants are not only a great way to stay on budget, but it's also the only way to guarentee that your wedding set is completely conflict free. If you haven't already heard, lab grown diamonds are identical to earth mined diamonds in every way (except for the price). Want to see more? Browse all of our wedding ring sets.


MiaDonna Team

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